In this episode we talk with Jeff and Wendy Henderson about parenting your kids in a tech-filled world. Yes we want our kids to use technology, but how do we do this while protecting them from the many dangers in cyberspace? We want to respect their privacy but how do we know they are staying within the boundaries we set out for them? 

Comparing it to learning to drive a car, Jeff and Wendy explain that we don’t just throw our kids the car keys and tell them to go for a ride! No, we gradually increase their experience and responsibility. Fortunately, Jeff and Wendy are also experienced parents of two kids, whom they have steered through the teenage years. 

Jeff is the pastor of Gwinnett Church. He wants the community he serves to know what they are FOR, not what they are against. His most recent book Know What You’re FOR outlines his philosophy which has helped Jeff in both the business world and his church community. Jeff is married to Wendy and they have two kids who are just moving into college, so they have navigated their kids through the world of technology. As parents, Jeff and Wendy have spoken often at events and conferences about this topic and their advice has been helpful to so many parents.

A recent blog post on is a great resource written by Jeff and Wendy Henderson on this topic.

Jeff also refers to a book by Cal Newport called Digital Minimalism which outlines the dangers of technology and how to declutter our digital lives.

Enjoy the episode!

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