Love Being Home!

You’ve taken time out of your busy day to check out our website or listen to our podcast. Or both! We can’t thank you enough! We know how valuable your time is. We get it.

Do you ever feel like being at home isn’t what you thought it would be? Somehow, it just seems to fall short. You try so hard to juggle the moving pieces and keep everyone happy, but you feel like you’re surviving instead of thriving. There’s so much advice about parenting and adult relationships, it’s hard to focus on what you really need to know.

Let us help you.

We started The Smart Family Podcast with you in mind. We exist to offer you high quality, practical advice to help you strengthen your marriage and boost your parenting to the next level. We’ll help you understand the latest research. We’ll bring you easy-to-digest conversations with experts on family life. We’ll save you time by doing the leg work for you, so you can thrive at home. Listen here or find us on iTunes.

Let’s discover together how to do family better.

Who We Are

Toni Nieuwhof

Toni’s extensive experience as a lawyer, pharmacist, and church leader have given her unique and practical insight on how people grow, emotionally, personally and spiritually. Out of her practice in family law, Toni specializes in helping people leave their unhappiness behind, not their marriages.

Rob Meeder

Rob is a passionate pediatrician who has a deep desire to see families and children thrive. His years of experience working with families of all ages give him a wealth of knowledge and compassion for families of every stage. Ultimately, Rob wants to see families who love being home.