In this episode we speak with Dr Gary Chapman about marriage, parenting, love and relationships. Dr Chapman is probably best know for his bestselling book The Five Love Languages and various titles related to this. He is a counsellor, speaker and pastor and he spoke to us today from North Carolina. Like most of us, he has  experienced the current pandemic and all of its social upheaval first-hand. but he has also taken the opportunity to write about what we can do to strengthen our marriages during these  unprecedented times. 

The five things he focuses on in his new book 5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage: When You’re Stuck At Home Together are:

  1. Call a truce on throwing verbal bombs
  2. Tear down emotional walls
  3. Learn each other’s love language
  4. Learn the value of teamwork
  5. Have a daily sit down and listen” time

To review the 5 love languages please check out and take the quiz there to find out your love language (and your kids can too!).

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