If you are the parent or caregiver of a boy, this episode touched on some key concepts that will be so helpful for you. David Thomas is Director of Family Counselling at Daystar Counselling in Nashville Tennessee. He has written and taught extensively on the topic of parenting and boys.

Although there are many models of developmental stages for children (and adults) in the literature we like David’s practical approach. 

David first breaks down the stages in the development of boys:

  1. Explorer Stage (0-4 years),
  2. Lover stage (4-8 y), 
  3. Individual stage (9-12y), 
  4. Wanderer stage (13-17y),
  5. Warrior stage (18y – mid-twenties)

David points out that these stages are approximations and the transitions from one stage to another can be very fluid. To learn more about this, pick up a copy of David’s book Wild Things

We speak further about how to communicate with boys and why movement in particular is so important for boys. 

David makes reference to his colleague Sissy Goff (who we interview on Episode 5! -check it out) and her work with girls who struggle with anxiety. Her latest book is called Raising Worry Free Girls.

Both Sissy and David also talk about boys and girls on their appropriately titled podcast Raising Boys and Girls, available on iTunes.

Lastly, David recommends the book Raising Cain, by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson.

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