Do you have a child who shows signs of having heightened sensitivity to certain senses – bright lights, loud sounds, certain smells or tastes or textures? Will your child not only try to avoid the sensation, but even have a meltdown over the exposure? Perhaps there’s a sensory processing disorder (“SPD”) involved. Our guests, Rachel Harrington and Jessica Hill have years of practical experience helping children and their families to not only cope with SPD, but to find creative ways to ‘grow into’ the needs of their own nervous system. While SPD is more common in children on the autism spectrum or those with developmental disabilities, it also develops for other reasons, such as brain injury or prematurity. What’s the difference between a sensory quirk and an actual sensory processing disorder? Tune into this episode for valuable info on this relevant and emerging field.

Connect with Rachel and Jessica on Instagram (@allthingssensorypodcast) and on YouTube (@Harklafamily) and off course their podcast All Things Sensory.

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