The world of teenagers is vastly different from the high-school world we experienced. This generation is digitally-native, more diverse and open to talking about mental health. This might leave your head spinning – what was taboo just a few years ago is now normal. Yet many teenagers are struggling with their mental health and the adults in their lives (teachers and parents) can sometimes find it hard to connect and support them. Today we talk to clinical psychologst and teen mental health expert Deborah Offner. She speaks extensisvely with teens, parents and teachers – mainly in the school setting – and is therefore able to give us the “inside scoop” on connecting with and understanding teenagers. She shares her insight with us today – so that you can parent your teenagers better.

Deb offers a few resources such as the book by Laurence Steinberg called Age of Opportunity: Lessons From The New Science of Adolescence and Lisa Damour’s books Untangled, Under Pressure and The Emotional Lives of Teenagers.

Deb has also written her own book, just released, called Educators as First Responders: A Teacher’s Guide to Adolescent Mental Health And Development and Mental Health, Grades 6-12.

Check out Deborah Offner’s website for more resources.



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