So pumped to have Dr Mona Delahooke back for another brand-new episode. Today we discuss how everyday practical parenting links with a new understanding of child behaviour and how brains and bodies are interlinked. Drawing on insights from her new book Brain-Body Parenting, Mona simplifies a complex theory called polyvagal theory and applies it to frustrating parenting challenges we see every day. She offers very practical advice about understanding and managing tantrums, defiance, and sensory challenges we see in our kids.

Finally she asks us all to take a deep breath and look after ourselves too, so that we can all enjoy the relationship we have with our children on a deeper more intimate level. Are you ready to take your parenting to the next level?

You can find Mona’s resources at and there you will also find links to her first book Beyond Behaviours and her latest book Brain-Body Parenting.

And if you missed our first episode with Mona, scan back through our podcast feed to episode 57 or click here.

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