Training and coaching your kids to treat others well for the right reasons is no small feat.  Helping your kids to intrinsically value virtues such as honesty likely requires you as a parent to reflect, be curious and adjust your approach. Author and curriculum creator Colleen Doyle Bryant has dedicated her professional life to creating resources that help parents with character development in their children and teens.

Colleen’s official bio:

Colleen Doyle Bryant is the author of five books and more than 50 learning resources about making good choices for the right reasons. Her Talking with Trees series for elementary students and Truth Be Told series for teens are used in curricula to teach good character traits and social emotional skills like honesty, respect, responsibility, and kindness. More than 100,000 of her good values resources are downloaded each year by parents and teachers around the world. Rooted in Decency, Colleen’s first book for an adult audience, considers why America’s divisive culture is damaging common decency, and how society can get to a shared set of values that promotes cooperation and trust. Colleen has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Duke University.

Find out more about Colleen and her resources on her website, here:

Colleen’s new book on finding inner peace in a world gone sideways, Rooted in Decency, is here:

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