You want to track with what’s going on inside your teenager as they mature. That’s why we’re excited to have Brad Griffin on for this episode of the Smart Family Podcast. Brad and his colleague, Dr. Kara Powell (check out her amazing Episodes – SFP 15 and 44) of the Fuller Youth Institute are passionate about helping parents understand what’s on young people’s minds and uncovering strategies for building stronger bonds.  In this episode, Brad shares their research findings about the 3 issues that every teen is dealing with – identity, belonging and purpose.

You can find out more about Brad and Kara’s new book, 3 Big Questions that Change Every Teenager: Making the Most of your Conversations and Connections here.

For a free chapter of Kara and Brad’s book, use this link (and scroll down).

For the teenager in your life…

Check out their about-to-be released 60 day exploration guide called 3 Big Questions that Shape Your Future, written for young people by Brad, Kara and Kristel Acevedo, here.

Connect with Brad:

To find out more about Brad and his resources, click here.

Follow and connect with Brad on facebook at Brad M. Griffin, Instagram at @bgriffinfyi, and Twitter at @bgriffinfyi.

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