We are so pleased to have marriage and family therapist Ron Deal back with us to discuss the blended family. If you are in a position of preparing to blend families with your new partner’s family, or adding a step-parent to the mix, what are some pitfalls to avoid and issues to discuss? We ask all the tough questions: What do we call each other? Should we plan a wedding (and how?) What if there’s animosity between families? What if kids aren’t ready for the transition? This episode dives deep into one of the most common family units out there – the blended family!

Create your blended family map at blended.love 

Want to find out more about Ron and his organization Smart Step Families, check out their website here (you can also find his most recent book there: Preparing to Blend) as well as information about the upcoming conference he mentions The Summit on Stepfamily Ministry happening October 14-15, 2021.

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