When a spouse complains about their partner’s level of desire for sex, there are common misunderstandings. Did you know there are different but equally valid types of sexual desire? We loved the opportunity to sit down again with Dr. Michael Sytsma (second-time guest; see also Episode 3) for a science-based and super-practical conversation largely focused on original research he conducted along with fellow researcher, Shaunti Feldhahn (we were honoured to host Shaunti on Episode 9). For example, a couple may easily misjudge that they are further apart in what they want out of their sex life than they actually are. Find out solutions to some of the common mistakes and misconceptions couples struggle with and get on with making your sex life more of what you both want it to be.

You can find out more about Dr Sytsma’s work and practice at Intimatemarriage.org

Also check out this excellent series of videos at sexualdesireinmarriage.com where you will find excellent material dealing with the issues we discussed in this podcast.


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