In any given year, 20% of adults will be struggling with mental illness. That means a lot of marriages are impacted at some point during the marriage. Sometimes it can destroy a marriage when we see only the illness and not the person we once knew and loved. Or perhaps the burden is too much for the supporting spouse. How can partners help each other during these hard times? What if there are kids involved? What if one spouse refuses to get help, or is actually harming himself or others in the family? Then what? We tackle all of these questions in this episode with Dr Charity Byers. As a clinical psychologist who has helped couples sort through this she has so much valuable wisdom to share.

To learn more about Dr Byers work visit her website at Leading and Loving It or at the website for Blessing Ranch where she and her colleagues have helped many leaders get back on track.

Also check out Dr Byers’ book Unhindered – all about how we can ensure our heart is aligned with what we are all called to do.

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