No parent should ever have to grieve the loss of their child. Yet it happens more than we think, especially when we realize this grief is so real not just for those children we knew in relationship but also for the little babies who died before they were born or at the time birth.

Candy McVicar knows that pain all too well, having experienced both a loss at 33 weeks gestation and a miscarriage.She so wanted to help others through this experience that she started a foundation : Missing Grace. This foundation helps not only those who have lost a baby, but also couples who have lost a child early in the adoption process and those who struggle with infertility.

Candy has written a book, Holding On To Love After You’ve Lost  A Baby, in which she talks about her experience and offers such rich advice on how to ensure couples can support each other through such an experience. The book is part of Dr Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages series – find out more about that here.

To find out more about Candy, check out her website.

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