SFP 021 Raising Kids with an Instinct for Racial Justice  – Show Notes

Ever wonder how you’re going to move beyond exposing your kids to educational materials, when you look around and see no Black people in your neighbourhood? How do we as parents, act as change agents to instill attitudes of anti-racism in the next generation? Today we have that conversation with Ashlee Eiland and Dr. Bryan Loritts – both pastors and both generously willing to talk to us about what they’ve experienced and observed as best practices and potential pitfalls for parents who care about racial equality.

Ashlee Eiland

Ashlee Eiland serves as the formation and teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church.   She earned a G.A. in international relations from the University of Southern California, and completed her master’s in organizational leadership at Judson University. Ashlee is an accomplished speaker, featured as a member of the Women’s Speaker’s Collective. Ashlee and her husband live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with their children.

To discover more about Ashlee and connect with her, click here: https://www.ashleeeiland.com

You’ll find Ashlee’s recently released book, Human(kind), here: https://waterbrookmultnomah.com/books/606435/humankind-by-ashlee-eiland-foreword-by-danielle-strickland/

Dr. Bryan Loritts

Dr. Bryan Loritts is the president and founder of the Kainos Movement – an organization committed to seeing the multiethnic church become the new normal in our world.  He serves as teaching pastor at The Summit Church, and is the author of several books including his most recent one, The Dad Difference. Bryan is married to Korie and has three sons.

To find out more about Bryan, visit his website here: https://bryanloritts.com

For more on his book, The Dad Difference, click here: https://bryanloritts.com/books

During this episode, Bryan and Ashlee cited several of their go-to resources for those of us looking to learn more about Black history and culture.  Here’s their list:

  • Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  • Isabel Wilkerson, The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration
  • W.E.B. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk
  • Cornel West, Race Matters
  • Korie L. Edwards, The Elusive Dream
  • Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  • Vashti Harrison, Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History 
  • Garth Williams, The Rabbits’ Wedding

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