In today’s episode of the Smart Family Podcast we have both an intellectual discussion about parenting teenagers but also a very personal one. We are joined by Kara Powell – the director of the Fuller Youth Institute. As a researcher and a parent, Kara has noticed the increasing rates of anxiety in our teenagers but has also  delved into the “why”.

Out of this research has also come an approach which she shares with us today.

Kara outlines this approach for us and has simplified it using the ABCDE mnemonic, which we detail in the episode:

A = Ask

B = Breathe

C = Centering

D = Develop Your Team

E = Empathy That Empowers

You can follow Kara at @kpowellFYI on Instagram and Twitter. You can also learn more about her work at Fuller Youth Institute by checking out their website at Kara’s most recent books include Growing With (2019), Growing Young (2016), Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids (2011) and Every Parent’s Guide to Navigating our Digital World (2018).

Recent statistics about anxiety in Ontario, which are likely similar to those in other areas of North America, can be found here.

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