We loved our conversation with Jaime Charlebois and Patricia Tomasi about perinatal mental health.

“Perinatal” refers to the time period before and after giving birth. While for many couples and families this is a joyous and expectant time, for many this time is fraught with mental health issues. In fact perinatal mental health issues are the most common complication of pregnancy and childbirth. And it is not only mothers who are affected, but fathers too. 

In this episode we aim to increase understanding of this area of mental health and what we can do to properly bring it to the forefront so that we decrease stigma and ensure that those who need help are able to get it. 

While the direct references are to more regional support services and referral centres in Ontario, most jurisdictions around the world offer support in this area and we would direct you to connecting with your local mental health agency to find out where to go for support. Please get help if you are a soon-to-be or new parent struggling with your mental health!

At the end of the episode, Patricia listed resources for you. First and foremost, Patricia and Jaime co-founded the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative. In the US, you can connect with 2020mom.org (please note that this was incorrectly stated in the episode as 2020mom.com). Jaime also highlighted an organization called Postpartum Support International which provides resources, training and support in the area of perinatal mental health.

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